Georgian Style Hotels in London

Is your hotel accommodation reservation gets boring? Browsing through the net leads you to long list of hotels’ elegant bedrooms, sophisticated swimming pool and cosy dining. These are nice things but if you want something extraordinary try to stay in one of the Georgian style hotels in London.

Georgian Style Hotels in London

Georgian style architecture was inspired by the hallmarks of Renaissance design. Hotels built in this style, usually have rigid symmetry in window and door placement. It is also visible even in the layout of interior room. It means that the design is well proportioned and uncluttered. Simple but elegant is the perfect word to describe it. The common material used in Georgian style houses and buildings is wood. In London, corners of buildings were decorated with wooden quoins to imitate stones. In sometimes stone and stucco were used instead of woods.

If your eyes are meticulous you’ll find out that hip roof with dormers typifies Georgian style hotels in London.  Along with roof, their windows have decorative pediments while some have brick headers above the window. You will not be surprise if you noticed a vintage vehicle in front of a Georgian style hotel because most do it. It is often together with a broken pediments, arched tops and ogee caps.

Georgian Style Hotels

If you’re already curious about all these Georgian style hotels in London stories, check out one of its famous, the Rhodes Hotel London located in the central city. It is named after its owners, Mr. And Ms. Rhodes.  A walk through the everlasting beauty of Hyde Park will bring you to this hotel. Specifically, it is between London Paddington and Lancaster Gate underground stations. You’ll be lucky because the hotel’s place is near to numerous bus routes and major attractions in London. But before you’ll be stunned by the beautiful attractions in London, Rhodes Hotel will already amaze you.

Aside from the Rhodes Hotel in London, you can also try Georgian Hotel located at 87 Gloucester Place near Baker Street, Marble Arch, Westminster, Borough. The hotel offers continental breakfast and traditional bedrooms. The Georgian design adopted by the hotel gives its guest a refreshing feeling of being at home.